Is Invisalign Different at Every Dentist?

The idea that Invisalign treatment is the same regardless of the doctor is a myth. Invisalign is a device manufactured by a technology company according to medical prescription, and it is the individual physician who designs and administers the treatment. General dentists can become Invisalign providers, but they lack the specialized training that orthodontists have. Orthodontists have more experience and training in orthodontic care, making them better suited to treat smiles with Invisalign.

Invisalign rates its classification system based on the number of cases the provider treats annually or monthly. A dentist or orthodontist with extensive experience in Invisalign may be better suited to treating more complicated cases than providers with less experience. Invisalign's process begins when the orthodontist sends a set of highly accurate digital scans to Align Technology, the company that manufactures Invisalign. To learn about the Invisalign designation offered by several doctors and orthodontists in your area, follow this link.

Orthodontists are trained to handle almost any situation related to the movement of the teeth and jaw and keep up to date with the latest Invisalign technology. Patients often love Invisalign because it's nearly transparent and requires much less maintenance than traditional, bulkier orthodontic appliances. The transparent aligners are designed to achieve optimal dental movement, a fundamental step for which orthodontists are better prepared thanks to their specialized training in creating healthy smiles. When choosing between a dentist and an orthodontist for Invisalign, consider the level of experience each professional offers.

Orthodontists with extensive experience in Invisalign have well-practiced skills and are better prepared to treat complicated cases than providers with less experience. Patients have the comfort and supervision of their trusted dentist with the experience and management of one of the most renowned Invisalign orthodontists in the United States.

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